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Project Responsibilities

Responsibilities of landowner hosts and North Dakota Agricultural Mitigation (NDAM) for the wetland banking process:

Landowner Host:

  • Allows NDAM and Stantec to conduct property investigations
  • Signs and complies with conservation easement and due diligence agreement
  • Completes the restoration work according to bank site plan
  • Agrees to complete the establishment within an agreed-upon timeline
  • Pays for construction and vegetation establishment
  • Determine wetland credit sale asking prices
  • May use up to 25% of wetland credits for their own operation
  • Maintenance work during the establishment period (likely 3-4 years)
  • Retains ownership of land and is responsible for associated taxes


  • Assess potential bank site and estimate of credit yield
  • Preparation of bank site design
  • Facilitation of NRCS approval of bank site plans
  • Oversight of implementation of bank site plans (construction and vegetation establishment)
  • Retains authority and responsibility for all Ag Wetland Trade credit transactions
  • Credit marketing, sales, and credit ledger tracking
  • Posting and maintaining operational life and long-term financial assurances
  • Long-term management of mitigation bank
  • Holds the conservation easement



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